Saturday, 14 May 2011

WOW I Got An Award!!!!

WOW I just recieved this award from Sandra  . Thank you so much Sandra for thinking my little blog deserved this award, means a lot to me ( hugs ). Ok, so now I have to mention the person who gave the award ( done that lol ), tell you 7 things about me, and award this to 7 recently discovered bloggers and let them know they've recieved an award. Here goes :
  • I am terrified of Thunder and Lightning
  • I am a very shy person in real life
  • I hate rats and creepy crawlies and snakes even when its on tv or a picture lol
  • I have 3 younger sisters
  • Crafting means the world to me, along with the wonderful friends I have made through blogging.
  • I miss my Dad
  • I love Coffee
Ok now comes the hard part 7 blogs


laney said...

Aww thanks Jaqui for thinkg of me hun !!!

Stephanie-Emma said...

Thankyou Jacqui xxx

Sarah said...

Hi Jaqui, I am so sorry not to have replied before. You must think I'm a right rude bleep bleep! I reply to comments through my email (otherwise I can't keep track) and I can't reply to your comments that you leave on my blog. When I click on your name it just brings up a screen saying no-reply blogger - any idea what that is about?

Anyway I finally had a brainwave and looked at your site through dashboard, then got here. How dim am I! I am so not good at blogging - yet!

So firstly I'm sorry for not leaving any comments on your blog for ages, will fix that!

Secondly, thanks for the award - that's so kind of you to think of me.


Leann said...

Aaaaaw, thanks Jacqui!
Hugs x

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