Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Little Waif and Stray

Afternoon everyone...Hope you are all well this chilly but sunny Saturday. Well, I was so worried the other day, Honey our little adopted kitty cried and cried to be let out as usual in the morning. So we let her out, usually shes straight out the front door, round the side of the flat and at the back door crying to come back in, funny little ritual she has lol. Well she didn't come round the back this time, in fact she didn't come back at all...24 hours went by, 24 hours of me worrying and fretting over her and poor Tony out in the rain looking for her. We had given up hope of her coming back at all. Well, imagine my delight when Wednesday morning came around and there she was at the back door . But shes like a different kitty, normally she is absolutely nuts lol, can't keep still and upto all sorts. Shes gone very quiet and calm, today is the first day shes started acting more like her old self lol, shes been playing with Jess...this was taken this morning...I never thought they'd get on lol..taken 3 months though. Honey is on the left.... yes they have their own duvet lol..spoilt I know.

Thanks for popping by and hope you like my piccie of my little kitties lol xxx


Lisa M said...

That's the worst what you go through while they are missing. I'm SO relieved the ending to this story is a HAPPY one. She must have had time to reflect and realized she had it pretty good at home. :D

coops said...

aw your cats are gorgeous pleased honey has come back home.cats certainly like to keep us on our toes.

xx coops xx

Anonymous said...

What cute kitties, so glad honey came home safely, I know how it feels when they wander!
Helen x

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