Wednesday, 22 June 2011

GRRRR Blogger

Well looks as if Blogger is at it YET AGAIN!!!!! Good job I'd scheduled this mornings post as the stupid worthless piece of junk that is blogger, isn't letting me upload any pictures. God alone knows how long this farce will carry on. Cue an extremely hacked off blogger!!!! For Gods sake Blogger get your act together once and for all.  GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!


Rose Petal said...

Hello Jacqui. You are not alone sweetie. I have tried to leave comments and cant access blogs either, stupid thing. Its telling me I am not following any blogs either, idiot thing it is. We will groan at it together sweetie.
Love Sandra xxx

Fluffles said...

Perhaps now would be a good time to pop on the kettle? Haven't had any bother myself, but you guys are right, it's very annoying when you want to post & it won't let you. Coffee and cake anyone? Jx

kayc said...

Have been trying too to upload some photos with no success. Very annoying. Kathleen x

Jacq said...

Oooooo Coffee and cake sounds scrumptious Janice, I'm in lol. xxxx

Vicky said...

Oh hunni...I know how you feel..! getting right on my pip now...but coffee and cake....Mmmmmmmm!

big, big hugs Vicky xx

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