Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Sweet Award

Many Thanks to the Sweet Jacki for this lovely award.
In accepting this award I have to link back to Jacki'sblog and thank her, done that, list 7 random things about myself  and then pass it on to 8 other fellow bloggers. So here goes;
  • Moths freak me out lol
  • I love Vanilla Lattes
  • I have some amazing Blogging Buddies
  • My cat chirps like a bird !!! 
  • My neighbours annoy the hell out of me!!!
  • I miss my Dad
  • I'm terrified of Thunder and Lightning.
Ok here are the 8 fellow bloggers
Oh how I wish I could have picked way more than 8 lol. But I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my wonderful Blogging Buddies for your continued support and wonderful encouraging comments... You ALL deserve this award!!! 
Hugs Jacqui xxxxx


Rose Petal said...

Hello Jacqui. Ahh, bless you for thinking of me for this award, I am thrilled and most definately will accept. I will add it to my blog very soon. Thank you so much.
Love Sandra xxx

Peppery Apple said...

Awwww thanks chicke!! I shall wear it pride and pass it on :-D

xGemmax said...

Awww Jacqui..Thanks for thinking of me when passing this award on, I feel very honoured and i will wear it with pride too & pass it on :D
Thanks hunni *Mmwah*
hugs and xxx

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