Sunday 11 September 2011

Its All Been Happening Round Here.

Evening everyone... Hope you are all well...I've been having a couple of things going on here..First of all..on Friday I could smell Gas really strongly on my front I called the emergency Gas number and out came the man..he informs me that it is probably a crack in the mains!!! So he calls out some more men ...they were digging until 10.30pm and now I have a lovely big hole at the end of my path..did they come back on Saturday to fill it back in? ..Yeah as if lol...anybody want to put any bets on as to when it gets done? LOL. Then at 2.30am this morning a motorbike was whizzing back and to between the flats and there were 2 patrol cars outside my flat!!! A policewoman was looking through the bushes with a flashlight!! Never a dull moment round here lol. Back with a card in a is calling me ;)
Hugs Jacq xxx


♥Gemma♥ said...

Sounds like you had right fun & games near you hunni..hope its quieten down now & your big hole at the end of your path has been sorted!!
hugs and xxx

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